Brexit – Market Changes

We first noticed the market place slowing around the turn of the 2016; how much was this Brexit or a necessary slow-down in the normal economic cycle is unclear.

From May onwards however, the potential implications of Brexit began to see decisions being postposed, or held, and this uncertainty and lack of confidence was carried through until the end of the summer. Since then we have experienced a significant upturn in enquiries and fortunately securing new work. In looking forward we believe the current trend of appointments being on a stage basis, together with an underlying sense of nervousness will continue to play apart in shaping the short term future as the UK goes through the Brexit process.

We have broadened our geography to include work outside of London and are currently engaged in Manchester, Belfast, Reading, Farnborough, Cambridge and Munich Germany. It is important we believe to embrace the opportunities working in other areas of the UK and in Europe, in order to reduce our dependency on the London market and to allow us to adapt to the needs of our current and new Clients.