Celgene Pharmaceuticals

Corporate End User - CelgeneCorporate End User - CelgeneCorporate End User - CelgeneCorporate End User - Celgene

Project: Stockley Park

Project Description: CAT B Fit Out

Services Provided: Full Duties Design

TAP were employed to re-design the existing 1989 building to create 100,000ft net office space. The project included the full strip out, CAT A installation followed by the CAT B installation for the tenant.

Systems and designs required consistent with London specification in and out of town business park.

New energy efficient systems were installed complete with EC fan coils and energy management systems such as lighting controls.

CBRE Investors brief – leading edge building, reduced energy footprint, good environmental credentials and sustainability.

Value: £8 Million Completed within budget

Completion: 2011 On Programme